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When I decided that I wanted to begin working out and getting healthy, the first thing that I did was browse the web for information on what exactly to do, yet the one thing that was hard to find was an actual example of a typical workout regime, complete with what exercises to do and when, what resources and equipment was needed and examples of what I should be doing and eating. So I have (as promised) decided to post my ENTIRE workout/nutritional plan. Now you should know that there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL plan when it comes to exercise, so this should serve as a guide, to give you a general idea of what a typical workout looks like. Before beginning ANY type of exercise program it is important to check with your doctor. Once you have the go from the doc, then your ready to go!

WARNING: Please check with your doctor before beginning any fitness or nutrition program.
First off is my exercise routine, which consists of 40-50 minutes of strength/resistance training, which I do three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It is very important to start off my ANY workout with 10-15 minutes of stretching to get your body warmed up, as this helps to prevent injury. Now the fun begins!

I do my exercises in sets of four,  so the first set would be the first four exercises, each exercise 15-20 reps each. Once I finish the first set of four I go back and do that set again, so that is 2 sets of four exercises, 15-20 reps per exercise. It sounds trickier than it really is, I swear! This is called circuit training, and it believed to be an effective way to burn the most calories and get the most “bank for your buck” per say. Once I finish my finish the first circuit, I move on to the next four exercises and repeat the entire process again, doing two sets of 15-20 reps for those four exercises. Now keep in mind that just because I do 15-20 reps and two sets does not mean you have too, feel free to change it up so that it fits your workout needs, by either reducing or increasing the number of repetitions or sets. It is okay to start out with one set of ten reps and work your way up gradually. Just do what is best and feels right to you. Pay attention to how you feel and if you experience ANY DISCOMFORT, PAIN, BREATHING TROUBLE, DIZZINESS, ETC THEN STOP ASAP AND CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR.

This is my exact workout that I do below, and for your convenience I have added demos of every exercise in case you are not familiar with it. In order to see a demo all you have to do is click on the exercise name. You will also notice that there are two videos included in my workout, this is because i have added these as part of my normal workout. To follow along with the video and do it as well simply click on the name of the video and it will open a new window with the video.

One last thing before you begin. It is important that you have the right equipment before beginning any workout regime. Now you do NOT have to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on a home gym or whatever, but there are a few basics that will help you get the most out of your workout. This is a list of the equipment that I use for the workout below and my cardio workout. I have posted the exact brand that I use, however these are just what I use, feel free to purchase whatever brand you can afford. All of mine are very affordable. I have posted links to buy the items when possible, if not the exact brand, the closest match I could find. 

Equipment & Gear:

Bally Total Fitness Roll Up Exercise Mat *BUY NOW!*

EverLast Deluxe Speed Rope *BUY NOW*

Empower 3lb Ankle/Wrist Weights *BUY NOW*

Empower Trim & Tone Total Body Kit for Weight Loss (includes Waist Trimmer Belt, Jump Rope, 2 lb Pair Walking Weights, Illustrated Workout Guide)

Stott Pilates FlexBand Extra-Strength Exercise Band *BUY NOW*

Women’s Hand Weight 7lb, 5lb, 3lb Set *BUY NOW*

Stopwatch (You can get a basic one or just use a watch, or there are many with extra features such as built in pedometers, heart rate monitors, calorie trackers, etc) *BUY NOW*

Simply Pilates Instant Master Class BY Jennifer Pohlman Book/DVD Combo *BUY NOW*

Pilates for Weight Loss By Elise Watts Book/DVD Combo *BUY NOW*

Additional/Optional Equipment:

**This is ALL optional and is not necessary for a complete workout, PLEASE just buy what you will use**

ACX Athletics Workout Outfit, Yellow/White Striped Tank/White with yellow Waistband 3/4 length workout pants (Bought at Giant Tiger) **For super cute and sexy girly workout gear CLICK HERE**

MOST IMPORTANT** Good Pair of Women’s Cross Trainers/ Running Shoes (I prefer Nike because they are very good quality, comfy and come in tons of cute colors!)  *BUY NOW*

Sportek Platinum Crisscross Sports Bra (Bought at Zeller’s) **If you want adorable girly pink/Leopard print/sexy sports bra’s CLICK HERE**

My workout**:

  • Forward Lunges                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Calf Raises With Chair
  • Weighted Squats
  • Hip Flexor and Extension
  • Modified Push-ups
  • Swimming
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Upright Dumbbell Rows
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raises
  • Dumbbell Pullovers
  • Back Extension
  • Lying Tricep Lifts
  • Low Mount Hip Flexor with Band*
  • Low Mount Adduction with Band*
  • Low Mount Abduction with Band*
  • Low Mount Leg Curls with Band*

*Exercise requires use of FlexBand (or other resistance band of your choice).

**If you want to view a demo of any of the above exercise’s please click HERE, and find the one you are looking for in the list (The list is all Upper body exercise’s, please choose from the menu on the side to switch to core, lower body, stretch or gym demos…).

  • SparkPeople Pilates Hips & Thighs Video (10 minutes)
  • SparkPeople Crunchless Abs Video (10 minutes)

***I tried to link the videos but it would not work so to view ANY of the featured SparkPeople Videos, go to, click on the “Healthy Lifestyle” tab and scroll down to “Videos”…Be sure to click “See All Fitness Videos” to find the one you are looking for.


The second Stage of my workout is the most important if weight loss is your goal, as it is mine. Cardio is basically any activity or exercise in which you are working enough to raise your heart rate but are still able to talk (also known as your Target Heart Rate Zone). This is the ideal heart rate you want to work within to get the optimum fitness and calorie burning results. Cardio offers endless possibilities. There are thousands of different cardio activities that you can, so the goal is to find one that you enjoy. It could be your favourite sport, or something more adventurous such as rock climbing or something fun like dancing. It can also be something as simple as walking. There are also a wide array of Cardio workout videos available (some of them combine strength and cardio training). Charlene Johnson has some very fun ones such as Turbo-Jam and Chalean Extreme. Many website’s such as SparkPeople, offer their own short cardio videos, which I use all the time. I will link a few of my favourite’s below. There are also many great cardio exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home with no equipment at all. These type are great for beginners or people who are crunched with time and just want to squeeze in some cardio here and there. I am one of those people, and in between chasing around two children under five and trying to keep my home running smoothly, I prefer cardio activities that I can do in my living room once the munchkins are in bed.As a beginner, you should be aiming for about 30 minutes of cardio three times per week to start. Also, be sure to warm up prior to beginning any cardio activity and to cool down after. (You can do this simply by doing a few stretches and walking/marching in place for a minute or two, anything that gets your heart rate up gradually and then allows it to return to normal resting rate gradually at the end). There are many different opinions on when you should be doing your cardio in relation to your strength training. Some say you should alternate days with cardio than strength, some say you burn more calories by doing cardio first and others swear you should be doing your strength training first.  Many professionals also claim that if you work out first thing in the morning before breakfast you will burn more calories, but truthfully I think it is better (and safer) to eat something low cal and high in protein before working out. After all, you need fuel to burn. And as far as when, it really won’t make all that much of a difference, the main thing is that you are DOING it period.  

Okay, so here is a list of the things that I usually do for cardio. They are all activities that require little to no equipment and can be done in a fairly small space. I have also added my favorite SparkPeople short cardio video’s to the list as they are great for small spaces and equipment free!


  • Jumping Rope/Skipping
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Burpies
  • Shadow boxing/Kickboxing (Add ankle/wrist weights or a band for a more intense version and torch more calories!)
  • Jogging/Brisk Walking
  • Jump Squats
  • Hill Climbers
  • Dancing (Any kind you want, just crank the tunes and get moving!)
  • Sparkpeople Cardio Kickboxing Video (10 Min)
  • SparkPeople Cardio Jump Rope Video (10 min)
  • SparkPeople Jump Start Cardio Workout Video (10 Min)

***See above under my exercise list for directions on how to view the Sparkpeople videos I have featured.


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“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it”. -Lou Holtz


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