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11 Mar

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Join The Movement

30 Jan


Each and every one of us has their own story of pain. We live in a world full of struggles and it is while we are facing these struggles that we feel most alone.  It is during these times when we feel that no one else on earth can possibly understand our despair. But you are not alone. Millions of people fight to overcome the same obstacles that you do every single day. Whether is be addiction, suicidal thoughts, depression or self-injury. These conditions do not discriminate; They affect the rich and the poor, the weak and the strong, the black and the white. But it is important to know that there is HOPE. There is someone there who understands. You are not alone.

     To Write Love On Her Arms is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope and guiding people struggling with these types of problems towards the help that they need. TWLOHA is devoted to helping people take that first, and often very difficult, step towards change. They are not a 24hr hotline; They are not trained professionals. TWLOHA  strives to serve as a bridge to help.  To say that it is worth it, that your life is worth fighting for and that a new beginning is possible. To realize that there can be a brand new tomorrow and there is a better way. TWLOHA also believes that community is essential, and that we were not meant to go through life alone.

“We at TWLOHA believe that rescue is possible, and are committed to communicating hope to others who know the daily struggle of living in a broken world.”

On the side of this page you will notice a widget by SocialVibe. This is me, moonstruck mama, asking you, the reader, to help me bring forth change. I myself have personally struggled with and eventually overcame addiction. Most of us know someone who is suffering from depression or addiction. It may even be you. I am asking you to help me support this cause, along with any other cause that is near and dear to your heart . It is as simple as the click of a mouse.  SocialVibe gives social media users the power to do extraordinary things with simple actions. It is a social media utility that connects people to brands, and empowers them to share engage with sponsors and share branded content with their social graph to benefit a cause of their choice. SocialVibe allows you to make a measurable impact for the charity of your choice by completing branded activites. And by integrating SocialVibe with all the social networking sites you already use, such as Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Bebo and more, you can make an even bigger impact. To join the SocialVibe movement click on the widget to the right or visit and sign up today to start making  a difference. For more information on To Write Love On Her Arms for yourself or someone you know please visit You can also find both on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Tumblr. You can support TWLOHA through SocialVibe by visiting  JOIN THE MOVEMENT!