Attention Canadian Couponers

30 Jan

Just a reminder, if you didn’t get your SmartSource coupon insert inside of your local newspaper yesterday, today is your last chance! For those of you that don’t know, SmartSource and RedPlum issue FREE coupon inserts several times a year. These will arrive in the mail (if you are a subscriber) or in your community newspaper as an insert. Click the link below for a complete schedule of the 2011 SmartSource/RedPlum Coupon Inserts. Circle these pages on your calender so you don’t miss out!!

2011 Coupon Insert Schedule:

You can also go directly to the websites for FREE printable coupons and more  info:                 or

More FREE printables:

**Be sure to read the instructions before printing CLOSELY as some coupons must be printed in colour, along with other requirements. Also, don’t forget to change your printer settings the proper page size/setting or you will end up with coupons the size of the full page..

If you don’t have a printer to print coupons here are some of my favourite sites that allow you to select the coupons that you want and then mail them directly to you for FREE:

P.S- As you know, I am just an amateur couponer and I am learning all I can about the art of couponing. Any advice, tips or anything else coupon related that you wish to share with me would be greatly appreciated. Remember, everyone was a beginner at some point, so if you help me out, one day I will pay it forward by helping out a newbie too! So please email me if you have ANYTHING at all that you can share with me:) Thanks!




2 Responses to “Attention Canadian Couponers”

  1. Teona June 9, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    Just wondering, how do you become a subscriber to these companies?

  2. moonstruckmama July 4, 2011 at 4:25 am #

    You don’t have to subscribe you just have to go to the website and sign up it is easy peasy. And as far as the coupon inserts pretty much every newspaper gets them you just have to visit the site or call your local newspaper to see if they having inserts and when. Once you sign up the the site, which you do by clicking JOIN or SIGN UP or whatever it says, then you simply check the boxes for the coupons you want and they will mail them to your house for free..You are allowed a certain amount of coupons per month depending on what ones the are and there are constantly new coupons added which you can be notified of via email if you wish. I recommend making a new email account just for couponing so you dont get the emails all in your everyday inbox. You can also simply call or email companies you have tried and tell them that you like (or don’t like) their products and request coupons that way, many companies having mailing lists you can join to receive coupons on the monthly basis as well as special offers, samples etc. Couponing is a great thing, i cut my grocery bill by 50-70% and frequently get items for free…It is great because i have a family of four to feed and we all know how expensive that is. If you live in the states you got it even better because your guys have double and triple coupon days at many of your stores ((this is where they will double or even triple the value of your coupon on certain days, so your coupon for 1$ would be doubles top 2$ off or even tripled to 3$ off. (I live in Canada and we don’t have that hear…sucks:) This is a great way to get stuff free by buying clearance items with coupons, like say deodorant is on sale for 1.50$ and you have a coupon for 1$ off any deodorant, and it is double coupon day, which makes your coupon 2$ off instead, well guess whatt? You can get it free. And you can use one coupon per item (that is wht per purchase means btw it means 1 per item not per transaction like many think. So if you come across a great deal for free items and you have multiple coupons that are the same you can stock up on enough to last till the next big sale, because sales run in cycles and after a bit of practice you will get to know these cycles and when what is on sale. Well i aam going to stop preaching couponing to you but seriously you gotta try it…It is fun, addictive and you save money, what more could you ask for?? And it really only takes an hour ior two a week, you dont have to be obsessive. Simply Google “Couponing basics”, “beginners guide to couponing” and Couponing 101″ and you will find a wealth info to get you well on your way to MAJOR savings. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at Oh and thanks for checking out my blog..

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