The Birdie’s and The Bees!

26 Jan

So I am sitting on the floor pinning my 16 month old daughter, Chanel’s, arms to the floor with my feet (it’s not as bad as it sounds, I swear!) in an attempt to change her diaper before she can smear feces all over the house and me. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Cody, my four year old, staring down at her from over my shoulder looking rather perplexed…”Mommy?” he says, “Yes, buddy?”..”Is that sissy’s birdie”? *”Ummm…Well, yes it is, sweetheart”…He stare blankly at me then confusion flickers across his cherubic little face.”But, Mommy?”… “Yes?”Then with all the seriousness that a four year old can muster he asks me. “How come she is missing a piece?” That was it for me…I

My crazy little fella!

 laughed so hard I dripped in my panties. Seriously. That made my day; No my week! Priceless! Cody got pretty PO’d at mommy, who by now is keeled over hugging my aching ribs, with tears streaming down my face, giggling

uncontrollably. All he wanted was a damn answer to his question. Friggin grownups, they make no damn sense. So after I slip on some dry skivvies, I find my son, who is now fully engaged in the latest shenanigans of Toopy and Binou (his all time favorite). I plop down beside him on the couch, gnawing on the inside of my cheek in an attempt to fully suppress any further hysterics. “Sweetie, I am sorry that I laughed when you asked me your question, I wasn’t laughing at you, I promise.”…”It’s OK Mommy”…”The reason sissy is ‘missing a piece’ is because boys and girls are different, and they don’t have the same parts, girls don’t need that piece, that’s all.” “But, why?”…*Shifts uncomfortably*. “Why don’t you ask daddy! I bet he would know!” He gets up and pitter-patters out of the room. “DADDDYYYYYYYY?” *Phew* Crisis averted…Hopefully, he won’t ask me anymore birdie’s and bee’s questions for a few more years…


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