Ten years ago today…

26 Jan

Billboard Top 100’s Number One Song for the week of 1/27/2001:


Craziness!! I was thirteen when the Charlie’s Angels movie came out…The REMAKE, I am a Generation Y’er, remember? My friends and I would take turns striking the Destiny’s Child/Charlie’s Angels pose, you know the one…The sexy kung fu one…All the while bickering over who got to be which angel. It was mildly pathetic, looking back on it. No doubt, we thought we were the epitome of all things cool at the time. Ahhh, grade eight, I remember that was the year my mom talked me into getting a pixie cut. That was also the year I got together with my now fiancée. They say love is BLIND, and the fact that he stayed with me thoughout the length of that year proves it. I cringe just thinking about my eight grade wardrobe. *Shudder*. Anyways, that’s enough of my pre-pubescent insecurities. Back to the topic at hand…

The song Independent Women by Destiny’s Child was written and produced by Beyonce Knowles for the group’s third album, Survivor, although it made its first appearance on the Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack. It was released as both the album and the soundtrack’s debut single in fall of 2000. It shot to the top of the charts and stayed there for 11 consecutive weeks, at which time Charlie’s Angels filled movie theatres around the nation.It was also dubbed the 18th Most Successful Song of the Decade for Billboard’s Top 100 Songs of the 2000’s and received a Grammy nomination for “Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television, or other Media.” Not too shabby, eh? Rumor has it that they named the album Survivor because of a joke that was made about them already losing three members. I now refer to them as “Beyonce and The Other Two.”


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